Your nature

Im in love with your nature/your rise and how you fall on me/gracefully parting my gates open/before sliding through with your rather large token/to which I show my appreciation/daily as you grind me to the nearest destination/i step back to stare deep in your eyes/to my surprise/ you flip me over on my belly/Like Kevin Hart I guess I wasn’t ready/ as you grabbed the small of my back/and thrust those inches in/I actually screamed from within/then you then had to ask/baby how was that/ I just buried my face in the pillow/and let the growls commence/you gave these cheeks high fives as I begged/for you to continue every since/I began to wince/as you began to come to an end/I know our lives combined/will mean pleasure so good its truly unrefined/you began to make love now to my mind/you take your hands and touch me in ways that make me free/ you reach more than my flesh/you reach inside of my spirit/ yes I moan as we began to climax together/now im open to where I want to hear it/everything from the weather to the things that sever/while I decide to massage/every muscle you’ve got/I love how we stop/to check in with each other/you’re closer than a brother/your nature is kind/let me unwind/next to your chest/cuddling with you is best/I cant wait to wake you up and bless/your thick Snickers with this tongue/meanwhile my phone rung/I shut it off/it can wait/what a distraction/today will not be the last time for satisfaction/love to see you open these gates/once again, but to hold on is not a problem/for me because we are more than this thing the world calls friend/these secrets between us/you I trust/is it simply your nature our issues only you can resolve?


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