A story everyone can relate to /is the thought of being catered to/ or you’d consider catering to that person yourself/A story that if desire is the currency/ And it built compound interest over the years/ you’d be rich currently/yes you’d have great wealth/ here’s my’s the truth/raw and unfiltered/I’ve wanted you and begged with tears/ the nights I was getting slapped around with negative words/spoken by an ex/ the days were a blur/ looking back they only wanted sex/ But you my platonic friend present no interest/ in going any further/ so I attempt to state my case/ before this trial for murder/What did I kill off? The secret of the deepest part of me/ Who murders the secrecy by coming out and revealing the truth for all to see/I know I’m guilty/ lock me up; as long as I’m in your arms, throw away the key/I know honesty is the best policy/ the only scars left are the ones left from you sentencing me with direction away from your heart/I guess I have to be thankful we are only physically apart. I’d describe my feelings but you know me too well/The way you appreciate me/I’d want to scream and yell/am I not worth your time? / what I feel is gushing from my soul/ no matter what I say or do/in respect to telling you/ it’s possible that we will remain in friendship mode./You are still a king/ even if you’re not mine to behold/ having this crush makes room for me and I’m glad we had this little talk/ even if now you have to take a walk/away from this confession/I’m guessing/ It’s never going to be the same/ But me I still want to play this waiting game..


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