My hades

I venture to ask everyone this question/what is your personal hell/your hades/ your fire and brimstone/for me it’s being naked and neglected/having done workouts and seeing great results/and then falling asleep next to someone who ignores your hard work/ some say it’s a leo thing/or it’s a woman thing/to want touch/ but it’s a human norm/ but having a moment where I must audition to be accepted in my own home/is a hades I wish to escape/for me a personal hell/a torture chamber so to speak/is because time is better spent with my babies/ I’m viewed as boring and weak/because I refuse to argue/ because of my choice to live meek/feels hot in here living in fear/ of never being shown affection/not feeling valued/what type of love is this/ somewhere I was tricked and bamboozled.. My hades involves this deception every day/I would prefer truthful confessions of cheating over deception/but is its human to lie/it’s been done since the beginning of hades is nothing short of a well thought out rhyme session/that gets laughed at and teased/my hades is personal/but perhaps its not just me/that feels mistreated/ignored/neglected and worse/ so I resurrected my own strength buried under the hearse of single mom life/as I learn to live as this type of wife..

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