How do i know if you really want me? Its difficult to determine even if God has blessed us to be.. You said dont look too far in the future but why cant i? This imagination looks good with you by my side. Honestly its not just because you’re tall, dark and fine as wine. Its because you speak as if you’re already mine. Of course Im not the kind to waste your time but taking it painstakingly slow is playing with my mind. I feel as if I should wait because your kids are really little and maybe like our relationship potential, we should wait until they grow. Ive met many guys with children and usually take a step back. This is not too different; I can promise you that. But the major difference is your love for God and how sober He keeps you. Im finding myself the weaker one this time.. Because I feel I cant reach you. Its strange even as I want you for more than a friend, I have to watch and eat popcorn until God says the message is ready to send. Until then, I do my best to not break or bend when it comes to following His precepts and plans for my life. Even though I can only dream of being your wife, right now such a title I am not worth it at all. Such a title, I’ll come up short and quickly fall. Why? My emotions have not exactly been tamed. They are much like the lions the den but I feel still that you are the Daniel sent to close my many mouths of negative things I say about what’s inside waiting to devour. You just might be the guy seeking to bring the sweet to my sour. But I’ll never truly grasp that understanding because my roots need replanting and redirection. All I know is at this point that I think you’re interested.


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