True independence

Share your story about what brought you true independence/what brought you out of the pit/ what actions did you take so you no longer felt like living wasn’t worth it/What did you do? / To yourself, are you being true/ its rough trying to decide/ To get rid of the thoughts that will only lead to suicide/ or homicide, which is even more horrific/stop thinking that being a pessimistic is terrific/why is it we cant celebrate the times we are alone/even though it can be sad/ we are grown and now we must be glad/when it gives us time to reassess/what we havent done that could have brought us peace/it’s a hard goal but the truth is this is what we must seek/ peace leads to us being free/but the fight is how peace is obtained/are you fighting and contending/are you being detained/by your thoughts neverending/just think before you leap/you may think you are free thinking/but who’s really in control/ where’s your independence/I pray these words reach your soul/ because I literally know/thousands of ears who, quite frankly, dont wanna hear it!


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