Just DELETE Pt 2

  1. I started counting again because for exactly 30 days, I was dating online..but he was supposed to be a friend.
  2. He, at first, was the perfect angel of a guy until the comments began to fly. I didn’t know that would offend you.. This is so crazy how he got so mad out of the blue.
  3. I wondered if it was my fault again like I normally feel when I have come to the point when its over and Im snapped back to this reality. Im single like its a curse for life and Im destined to be nobodies wife.
  4. Next thing I know the main reason I fell in love so quick dawned on my soul; it was because I didn’t find my own way to be whole. I was broken wanting his love to be my glue when in reality God all I really need is you.
  5. Just delete, the familiar words lunged at my brain until out loud I began to proclaim. Just delete the texts he sent that said dont text, call or message him anymore on facebook. Just delete the thoughts and all of the messages I took.. Seriously.. Wait why didnt I remember that him and I have never even met in person yet he seemed to be lurking all on my page. 
  6. Just delete the pictures on my email that were saved. This guy wasnt even built to last like I’ve been dreaming of these days.. Just delete that email address we created together.. What was I thinking.. It must have been crazy weather ..thunderstorms and hurricanes that entered my emotions during these 30 days.
  7. Now that the raging seas of my rage have subsided, the reality of what it is set in, the fear of what is destined to be settles back into the living room of my heart.. I am now returned to familiar territory. This has been my story until I began to just delete these memories and live for God’s glory.

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