My Navy Sis

This one is dedicated to Casey.

Otherwise known as the best counselor ever. Also known as my sister. Only because she coaches me through every endeavor. Tonight is her night as we say see you later. The Navy calls it Fair Winds and following Seas. Let’s continue to embrace now. Because for some of us what she did was cater. but few of us understand what it’s like to serve and shoot the breeze. She took time to understand more about our WHY and our HOW. As in why do we really serve and how will we do it. As in why do we continue going and how will we get there. If perseverance was a language she would be fluent. Because I know this is someone who will always care. Funny and bubbly, laughing and Goofy.. I’m still trying to remember if she has seen me when my hair was super poofy. Before the drinks kick in and the night goes too crazy, I want you to know you’ll always be my friend. I swear that’s all everyone else has been thinking about lately.. you help people get through the craziest of times. And the most ironic thing is that you’ve helped me get through my rhymes.. from my Rhymes are inspired by the spice of life. You have a way of slicing through fears.. using the Bible as your knife. I’m so thankful you’ve been there not only for me but for everyone else. This is being written for the countless lives you’ve helped! I wish you the best now go on head, get going! We’re only a phone call or text message away. Now let’s party because it’s all about you today!


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