Like a five minute commercial, you haunted my life. Wait..they don’t last long..maybe im wrong because the impression you made was seriously strong like a wine called Apothetic Red.. Sweet at first but you then enter delirium or some kind of euphoric state. While I sat drinking with you many times I begged for them to never end and that Id marry my best But instead it wasn’t until the commercial break you thought to kiss me and notice my presence when my mistake was giving you my all.. To fall in love and to never have been caught until my friend asked me how long have i fought for your attention and affection.. I said during these commercials and I stared until your eyes and soul replied with an anxiety to give more than the world. I was your spiritual heartbeat.  Way more than your lady or your girl…we were family and connected by the heartstrings and thru the eyes..this is why when you left, I was so surprised. My friends say girl you don’t need that in your life but i replied you don’t understand..even with his flaws I was ready to be his wife. But now these commercials and things have me in my feelings so I go outside in nature where we release it all and shout out to proclaim there’s no more commercials.. I can even have the main event where the main character is my name!


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