My love for you is natural
And although it hurts 

I’ll take my heart put it up for collateral

But the beauty of my love cuts

Deeper than Ive ever imagined

With you I share the deepest cabinet

Of my affection and personal thought

Even when I fought

For self control, you kept me steady


For pain and sorrow, I had joy

Waiting on my growth.. A baby boy

Desired in my future to come from you

But we wont be together anytime soon

So even though its natural to swoon

And drool over the thought of what to do

When we are near each other,

The beauty of our minds is why 

Sometimes i go back and forth to fly

Thinking one day I may even meet your mother

Until then

I focus on being your friend

I focus on right now..right here

Until its clear

That you want to give me more time

Now that this rhyme

Comes to a close

So must this mind door be closed now

So I take this passion and walk away

It unrequited like a performer who takes a bow

Because Im headed home to stay.


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