Track to better health

Hey everyone. I’m taking a small break from rhymes just to encourage you all that if you struggle with cravings for fatty foods or weight loss or maintaining healthy energy levels, feel free to contact me. Comment your email with your struggles.. 

There are many foods to help you. Many suggest apple cider vinegar or something like that. I like what it does but In my opinion, why drink it if it isn’t pleasurable? The only drink I consume that isn’t pleasurable is water and that’s because our bodies need it to survive. 

As a writer, I’m also a huge fan of supporting those who have never fought back against the processed food cravings and they are searching for assistance. Some people are aware of the dangers of these foods but few opt to eat less or discontinue consumption. As a writer, I feel that when your body is free from unnecessary toxins, you are at your personal best.


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