New chapter

Chapters come with changes and this one comes with all of them. For me because he’s well known..Wait do I even know this about him? I really don’t know much but his touch made me feel secure. His embrace made me feel special and sure .. sure of what the past can do, end the previous chapter so I could bump into you. And it was the best encounter yet.. it’s difficult to be speechless but have many words to say. It’s written all over the page in the new chapter anyway. Can I pause long enough to read it all clearly? Without stumbling over what I can read? Something inside me wants to love you dearly but is that too high a speed? I better slow down because this is how the chapter before came to a close. Knowing this chapter is brand new, it’s easier to greet this one with a card and rose. Not for me perse but for my audience because I remember asking what part of this is the happy ending? But I couldn’t find the end because this chapter is still revealing its beginning. It may be just the first paragraph written but the way it flows is natural and it just goes! I hope the rest follows suit and the guests learn more about the root.

The root of what, you ask? The reason I wrote this! This is to be real..Not bogus! When I say chapters come with changes, the author must be prepared to make them as well. When I decorate my story with all truth, no fame, no glory.  It’s because that’s the way to respond when they ask if you have a story to tell. 

My story will have love and suspense, with each chapter a costar who shared in it . But it takes more than one before that final page. It’s so true that we need friends along the way. Maybe this one will begin and develop.. but one day is all I can say!


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