Watch “”Why not now?” Poem by Lady Kami B” on YouTube

Recorded this poem on YouTube for your listening enjoyment (added ad-libs, if you will). Copy and paste link at the bottom to view!

So, you have been putting OFF your dreams?/ You think time is every thing it seems?/Like there’s less minutes, hours and seconds than you’d like to tell yourself and believe?/Forever has an expiration date/time passing isn’t pleasant/But you make the most of it/roll up your sleeve.. Why not now?

You don’t know if you’ll have the next breath/well the truth is, you haven’t breathed yet!/Every Moment that passes is slowly passing to your past/And everything you have just isn’t made to last/ OH! But you Hope that maybe if you care long enough that it won’t GO?/Why not now?

Meaning that why don’t you take the time/it takes to listen to your friends and Find/a moment of focus to move you forward/a moment of relaxation to kick back toward/a time when you’d reward yourself/ Why not now?

Because there’s no time like the present/Even this moment will become very distant/In the future/And will matter to a very few/Unless you’re one of the fortunate to get this message too/ SO?/ Why not now?


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