17 mins left

I have 17 mins to tell you how I feel

Because after that, it’s been real

But I gotta get out of here

No more drama! Is that clear?

The reason why it’s too much

For me is because I feel like the trust

Is not there. Now I have 15 mins. Just..

Wait before you run out of town

Wait before I leave out first

Because there’s much to say around

These four walls filled with paint

Glossed over with tears birthed

Out of pain from all the cries, now faint

With 13 mins on the clock remaining

I can say that I love you without staining

My favorite dress with the mascara 

I carefully applied this morning 

I can say I was drier than the Sahara

When you were not here for the moaning

Of times I was truly lonely but not alone

With ten minutes left, you know now

That I have outgrown you

It’s funny that we are here but how

Did we outstay our welcome too?

Over the years, it was time to go

Counting down, you wanted to know

When I’d let things be as they were

Because the friendship was better

Hard to say what you were thinking

When you wrote me that final letter

Now I guess I can’t hold you any longer

Truth is I’ve been peaking

On a mountain of new certainties

So if you need to go, I’m stronger

I have five more mins before casualties

Happen to the soul

Four now left and I wanted the whole

Person of who you are at this time

Until I noticed you declined

By moving away from my table

At another’s you dined

So as I hear the door closing shut,

I run to grab my wine, not sad anymore

Because with less than a minute, what

Is left is the fact that I love me more.

Goodbye for now, I’ll see you again

It was fun, I love you, my dear friend.


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