Hello! Daily, I am choosing to encourage, enlighten, and teach. Yet, at times, my past wisdom can be hard to reach. Especially when feelings are clearly in the way. Especially when I sometimes have a character building day. I am choosing to take a deep breath and let it out. Yet, at times, I’d prefer to scream and shout! My facial expressions are just what they are, yet my time has to be rationed like a huge granola bar. I swear the goal is to give people a different perspective on living yet now there is this lack of consistency I wind up giving. So I keep forgiving myself.. over and over again. Yet, I’m coming towards that 490th time, my friend. I’m getting tired of all of the emotional torment caused by fear YET I’m still here. Broken, abandoned, rejected, ridiculed.  This has been my story. I’ve been known to bring friends together for God’s glory. But sometimes I need to get away from it all. It’s time to take love and allow it to catch me when I fall.. accidentally almost fell knee deep in feelings. But I’m picking up this trash like rotten orange peelings.. and carrying the weight of the wait on my shoulder once more. I’m being fixed and worked on from the rooftop to the floor.Yet, even you are under construction. Even you are avoiding a place of complete destruction.


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