This message

This message is intended for a guy I’ve been wanting to learn more about, I want to learn how he thinks, what makes him angry, what makes him shout, but what are his favorite things.. this is why I want to know him in and out. Preferably I want to know his dreams and what keeps him up at night. I want to know what inspires him daily and gives him the motivation to make his presence known to others. What is he like around his family? Does he have friends whom he calls his brothers? He sparks a curiosity I have not had in a long time. He sparks a fire in me yet still many things are undefined. Patience, I say to myself, as I choose to undress. Patience, I remind myself before too much of my heart I began, to him, to confess. So at this moment, I’m wanting to learn as much as I can, yes I’m not rushing but taking notes is where we stand. 

The question remains, how can he access me without removing my clothes? Will he take ahold of my soul and view my spirit as it is exposed? Because at this time of this chapter, there’s more than physical that will have me stuck in rapture. I want to give him myself but I want to have no questions of what I may receive In return. The question is will he want to see what’s past these windows of my eyes and view what’s within. Will he be happy to possess me, even in my current situation. Maybe yes it  would have to be down a very long road, but if he’s walking with me, then I will enjoy the journey even if my car gets towed. 

Of course, there are the physical attributes that tie us but if there’s anything deeper , I’d like to imply what if this has been something we need .. I won’t say yes until you do because I want to be blessed not in some feelings got me like voodoo. I want to be connected and getting to know you, not some temporary thing like friends with benefits just for you to mistake this quality time for me trying to control you.. and certainly not the other way around. I see you as husband later down the road and I hope you see a wife in me, besides if we aren’t connecting for that, then at least I guess we can enjoy being free. 

BUT, there’s something captivating about you.. Something that makes me want to be captivated by you. You make me want to stay. I hope I won’t be in your way. Maybe that won’t be the case. Maybe you will embrace me as soon as I’m in your face. And I’m playing with your facial hair..Everyday I’ll want to be there…For now though I can’t wait to get my hug. For now, I’ll enjoy our time together. Besides, this message was intended for you, a guy I’d be with in any kind of weather.


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