Tonight, I’m dreaming of stars that collided with my heart and mind, while I was encouraged to float by my soul, I swam in his conscience because only with me could he lose control. Being with him was nothing short of paradise and pure bliss but tonight , I can only find myself reminiscing over the joy I felt that night.. but Im working hard to see what was under his muse.

But you! I came back incessantly to see if there was an excuse to why we were unavailable and unobtainable but it’s alright because I begged for any service I could do, yes I found myself being a bit of a fool for you.

Tonight it reminds me of almost a love unrequited but then again my heart can’t be silenced. It cries for you between my legs when I try to rest. It looks for you when I am motivated and hungry for success. Don’t ask me to explain what my heart says to do and think of. Yes it may be emotion, but what else causes us to move any type of notion? Logic is crucial but brutal tonight.. because all I can think of is how can I invite you into my line of sight. The thought of you kissing every square inch of my thighs gently makes me tingly down my spine. Don’t get worried if I wonder when I can make you mine.

The problem is getting to know you is pennies for me because when you know someone, you know their soul because you’ve been connected before you’ve touched. From the moment this look, this exchange was too much as it happened. I jumped around inside every moment of a possibility of us. Don’t worry. I trust logic too.. but my heart wants to trust me with you.

This is a little out of my comfort zone but then again, I feel like we should be alone. Away from the drama and everything holding us back. But tonight, it’s time to just sit back and imagine all of that.


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