New year, new me

Every year is a time to be one of those “new year, new me” slogans, but the truth of your new you is hidden in your daily routine so why aren’t you more open?

When I say open, I mean by the mind which you have been given. Don’t waste this time on this planet..It’s time to start living. That means being great, and by being great, I mean being giving.

OK so in other words, when you stop giving , you stop growing and you won’t find this new you that you are thinking of. Sometimes it’s best to move forward and don’t stay where you were because it’s an invite for stagnation and a waste of your word. 

The word I speak of is the word you spoke over yourself. There’s no need to seek new you and new wealth when your past is something you yearn for. I promise you that looking back is going to benefit you none because it’s time to soar. You deserve more than what you gave before. 

I’m proud of you if you decide to step into the unknown and decide to be grown enough to pursue what you remembered from your dreams. Each, what you call good , memory is not what it seems. 

Your dreams have purpose. You have value. Everything you need you can attract with a smile for a little while but it all depends on you. This is where it all starts. This new year new you doesn’t have to begin this month..You can make a change. Little by little and step by step the change will happen. Just be willing to work from any range. Just dare yourself to take some chances!


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