Contemplating real decisions at the moment, this is when they say, hey it’s time to own it! This is when time waits for no one, and the only thing to do is move while having fun.

Truth is you are still a work in progress so when you hear “let’s go”, the tendency is to regress and rewind back to whom you were before picking up pace. Truth is you’d stop-not go- in this case.

What’s your vision for the next six months? Are you more focused on your needs than wants? What’s your plan for the next year coming? Wouldn’t you rather have goals or something?

How are you moving? One step closer to your chill mode. What can you do to celebrate progress? Keep moving until you get a lighter load. It takes each day to show up, dressed for the best.

This is me BUT this is you too on the way to your success move! This could also be your family or your neighbor seen every day trying to let you know they have nothing to prove.

I’m celebrating every step, every moment you have to do everything it is you need to get done. Just keep it moving. Pack up thoughts that build you, throw away pride and make it fun!


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