Holiday rhyme

Tonight what’s on my mind is hard to find for those who want me to envision a miracle of peace in the midst of unrest inside of me..

Tonight is a great time to relax with friends and laugh with family. It’s the night to enjoy the company of those around you if you can. But there are several reasons why nights like this are beautiful but challenging to withstand.

Tonight is a night of peace and blessings and being able to release all of the things that couldn’t be. Tonight is a night without worries or bad vibes or envy.

Why do holidays remind me of a bad dream? Why do these nights remind me of times where things were not as they seem? Why is it possible for memories that were supposed to be behind me are coming to my mind so swiftly?

What I must do now is live and love without reservation or condition.. regardless if I was hurt by them or not. What is necessary to do and my feelings may not agree but it’s time to shake free from doubt and emotional mess..

What is easier is to get in my emotions and allow them to take me down to a dark place. What is easier is to remain solo and unbothered and to not connect, to be dismissive with everyone I meet.

But time to go and time to grow. I’m not bringing these memories with me into next year , no matter how much they haunt me and dance around my soul. Time to experience this fun party and let loose!


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