Vision of freedom

Tonight I was reminded of a friend who may be single minded towards my heart..

Tonight I saw the truth from a friend..he was from my youth..

Tonight I may have found the missing key to releasing the pain from the ones before. So tonight remains the highlight of the day, and I know he feels that exact same way.

I even had my girls to meet him too.. they have a heart for freedom past the symbols of red, white and blue. I asked them what did you ladies think? What made me smile is when they agreed that he’d be perfect for me.

This vision of freedom is evident from our connection but until he is free, I am not permitted to release any affection. Because God won’t send what is forbidden or already attached,

These are just #facts. BUT I think about the Bible story of David and how he found himself a wife to love by killing her mate.. my desire is strong but that fatal attraction thing ..oh no I won’t participate!

I can’t deny this vision of freedom as it is extremely clear to us both.. what a crazy thing it is to be in this boat.

So tonight I envision freedom for him but praying God’s perfect will is done because this won’t be done on a whim!


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