What’s the goal?

The goal when you can’t catch a break is sleep. The goal when you don’t have a plan is obviously prepare one to complete. 

Let’s light a fire under your bosom underneath your mind and soul.  The goal is to set several because theres a destiny to behold. 

Who is this about? Well hey if it’s you then you’re ready

My goal is to keep it flowing like a river that pours into the sea.  I’m ready to continue building this new and improved version of me. The thing is the bridge I cross to get there is your growth as well. I’m not leaving you behind ..that’s like a wish to burn in hell. 

Understood is a vision for big things, for more than building my vocabulary but truly being a visionary is the goal. This is one goal of many..there’s much more to this.. I still care although there lies infamy used against my path.

They were mistaken thinking it would arouse my wrath. It fueled my brain to name more goals to answer the main question.. What’s the goal?

 I’m ready to move forward and am done guessing. 


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