Truth is beauty is more than a cute face or little waist or all the things that let you be great. 

Truth is beauty is holding the hand of someone you love as gently as the touch of a dove.

Truth is beauty has rarely anything to do with a good makeup session or making a great first impression. It is the best way to seek all that you hope

Beauty is more than the physical but mental as well. I wonder how far emotionally will you reach for someone before they disappear and fail.

Failure is beauty because it’s a path of success. A brick road is mad because it thought it was supposed to be a house. A teen out there is discouraged because they were supposed to have a car by now but don’t have a license yet and that whole driving thing they are still learning how..

Sleep is beauty because you get to dream but I’m glad things in that world are never what they seem. Beauty is choosing to reject your addictions after a bad night. Beauty is giving yourself permission to cry because you simply don’t know why.

When uncertainty happens and you are tormenting yourself then keep going. Your success is coming and the money is flowing..


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