You’re my inspiration for all that is the new version of who I plan to be.. and it’s good to know your humility built on faith which produces confidence in God and excitement for the future. If I need to wait then I’m in this for the ride..

You’re my encouraging words in the midst of hard times and attack to the mind, good friends like you are hard to find. I didn’t realize how much fun it is to speak with you but I can understand why our connection is long overdue.

You’re my peace in the middle of all the chaos I’ve created for myself in the past that I no longer judge myself for. It’s nice to feel safe in the middle of a self image war. Because you point me in the direction of God and I’ll never look back.

You’re my inspiration and I’m proud to call you friend.. I’m thankful for you because your confidence is contagious and it’s becoming a trend. To all who see you.. know that I’m cheering you on in the background until you summon me forth… I DON’T mind waiting of course!


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