Enjoying life

Aww this is sweet. I’m inspired to make meat in my life.. substance as a wife, and that will be what I speak even while still single.  No not trying to mingle. Just be myself and add to my wealth in great connections with friends..more interested in making these ends meet.

In this hookah bar, I remember three years ago feeling upbeat and in love with the man who is now my ex but i bet that I can think now without an ounce of reservation..no more hesitation of being exactly who I was called to be..a coach and mentor..a motivational speaker.. no more staring over the beaker of doubt if I have a chance at this crazy weather of uncertainty. What can I do but know I am free to think and not stink up the room with my previous insecurities

I bite confidently into some schwarma and fries..no more wondering why or staying up late with every tear I cry dedicated to hating myself for rushing into something more than what I was ready for. 

Im made for more and don’t need to force love like I used to before..I can celebrate life now before my memory is celebrated.. what are you doing to ensure your celebration isn’t postdated for the date after your death? 

I’m giving hope to others..joy to my fellow sisters and brothers from other fathers and mothers. 

Grow past your dark place and reach for the light inside of you.

I’m elated to share this party within..it’s your turn to love YOU and live like you haven’t been.


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