This poem is not what you think it is

It’s not that teddy bear under your bed

It’s not everything that I have ever said

It’s the feeling you get when all is well

It’s your heart when it begins to swell

It’s that breath you take when you’re Ok

It’s that one thing that makes you say

So warm and fuzzy

Interestingly enough this is about you, the reader. This is about you, the seeker. This is about the same keepers of secrets because all will be revealed when I’m nearer and clearer than ever before. Let’s make a promise to soar..

Past the comfort zone

Past the point where you feel alone

Past the disappointed look on your face

Past the first time you felt real grace

When you knew you were wrong 

And got blessed to keep strong

Completely pardoned for your mistake

When warm and fuzzy didn’t feel great

Meaning you didn’t feel it was earned

In THAT place is where we LEARN

In THAT case we are there to BURN

In a place where although it hurts

It feels powerful because it’s church

Meaning that it’s a revelation

Of where we know we NEED to be

Until the next time..let’s hit the nation

We’ll be nonstop til WARM AND FUZZY!


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