Tissues for your issues

BACK UP! In the words of Beyonce, she said they don’t love you like I love you.. I give you tough love .. because I’m a little bit rough although I can be sweet. Im like a kiwi fruit because that skin is thin but it takes a minute to slice it through. I’m a ray of sunshine and hope made just for you. Don’t play with me though, don’t tread on me yo! Here’s what you don’t know.. I’m kind, beautiful, generous and things.. yet bring some tissues for your issues..you don’t want problems with me. Plus don’t mess with the wrath of God! It is HE who covers me and the ARMY He brings.

One thing is even though I am patient, nice and brimming with humility, my sting is worse than my bite, because I will remind you of who has this fight. Oh I win with the LIGHT of Christ..nothing else is needed..

I tell you the truth, this message will be heeded in time..so don’t waste your energy coming at me.. I come back with the third degree burn for your brain.. You’ll need tissues for your issues, come to me and leave CHANGED!


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