Crazy wrap thing poem

‚ÄčI’m out here doing the wrap thing

It’s crazy and cool not just a fling

For summer to get you that body 

But we are year round keeping you fit

Reason being is you’re already a hottie

And it’s time to go ahead and tighten it

Tighten what ..oh let me count the ways

Tighten the waist, thighs, double chin

Or even your butt.. some have ass for days

Just wear it for 45 minutes and then

See the results at that time or in 72

Hours.. if you don’t see what you want to,

Then drink more water and try it again

Gotta eat right your thing boo

The best investment is in you

Hope you check out my website tonight

For tonight is the night to get wraps free

If you don’t get to order, then more for me!


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