What is it you believe about yourself? What are your hopes, what are your dreams? If you are not awestruck by the weight of how many hearts that will have wept from the goals you meet, then, my friend, you have yet to complete the dream in your path.

What is it you believe about your vision? How does that affect your ability to make a decision? What about influencing others to make a change and see their reflection? Can you help them go in the right direction? Okay it’s time to no longer put it off and toss away all of the negative words naysayers may have said. Don’t let their opinions rest in your head!

What do you believe about yourself? You may look before you leap but be more strategic and in depth. Go forth but tread upon serpents and the adder. Learn that the right way up the ladder is one step at a time. What do you think will happen if you jump ahead? Just be at peace.. know that you can’t be beat.

Now that you know how to proceed and you’re not afraid to do those great deeds given you by the Most High, it’s time to live a life knowing every step is your reason, your motivation and your biggest WHY!


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