Taking charge

Its time to take charge and get back to who you are. It’s far removed from you to quit. Have a determination about you and say that you’re not having it. I understand that you think it’s challenging right now. Sure, and it’s tough for everyone..but what about your options? What about your legacy? What about your destiny? What have you come to this planet to do and be? 

Take charge once you wake up from your dreams. It’s easy to let someone’s opinion of you let you down but it’s time to get up now and make a change . It’s time to gain something from the fire that tried to destroy you. I’m here to warn you that if you have no room to succeed then make some. There’s no reason why you can’t create some. More than room, create space. 

How can this happen? Where does this all go down, so to speak? First place is in your mind..I urge you to abandon the old way of thinking and go for the cheese .. if you lived a mouse life, you’d prepare for winter and take heed. 

Taking charge is not a greed thing but a team thing. Pride is a part of the struggle with trying to get ahead. Drop off this arrogance or you’ll be dead. Dead as in cut off from true greatness, true power and real eminence..not the kind that comes from society..

Now is the time to end this rhyme but I challenge you..even DARE you to play fair!


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