A simple and effective way to learn is to stay humble..not to mumble your way through. Rise above the ways of being a fool who does nothing but argue. The Bible says do not quarrel with man.. that is not how to seek peace and pursuing it. 

My new approach is to put it on paper and express my sincere interest to learn. My goal is to learn.. Even unto death, my goal is to earn knowledge and skills. Others may attempt to break me but I stand by the word of God. I cannot be broken because my spirit is strong. I cannot be torn down even when I do wrong! My mind is that of a lion ready to pounce.

I learn as if I’m trying to joust every ounce of blood from the enemy. I learn because I’m humble but nobody will have the ability to walk all over me. This is the opportunity to meet the challenges of everyone standing in the way.. 

Learn as if everything you learn tomorrow will be reviewed today!


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