As I sit here on my lunch break eating salad with avocado and tortilla chips with feta cheese and bread crumbs, I think about everything and everyone who had me feeling numb BUT I’m loving every minute of the day.

As I write this short story, I speak life into all of those I come in contact with because you never know when this chapter of life will end. This is why I choose to be loving again.

As I grow into this new version of myself, I sit back in my reclining seat at work knowing that eventually I can work anywhere . No more work chair. No more desk. Just me and my encouraging words. This is how I show my loving best.

I continue to be the professional I strive to be. But no longer will I merely dream of being free. I try to push myself towards the greatness God sees in me. Why have  I decided to change my way? Because I choose to be loving and that starts TODAY!


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