I need to take all thoughts and hold them near, because some of them are rooted in fear..

I would like to make clear why I’m here.. destructive people nearby and I can’t worry anymore.

I say no more I to only think of, every time I attempt to cover people in love..I get stomped on and mocked, rejected and scoffed BUT I rise like Maya Angelou..I am phenomenal, like many of you.

Take flight from your dark places and break free from your cases of confusion and hate. I just cringe at the thought that certain people won’t let me be great.

For once, my thoughts are what I need to proceed. For once these thoughts are not filled with selfishness and greed. What was a part of my soul has ironically made me whole.

My thoughts are not mine all of the way, what a beautiful day! My thoughts are to share starting with today.


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