Frown to smile

Another Poem on how to turn your frown upside down,

At least this is what my Dad said when I was a little girl, he said don’t wear my emotions on my it has become my pet peeve. Over and over again I find myself in a mess, but smiling through my pain is the best way to progress. So I write these rhymes, knowing that these times are short for me.. and for everyone else. 

Ironically, my frown can transform into a smile if I stop thinking about the pain for a while. Originally the frown came from disdain but now it comes when I complain. What should I do? Well the opposite is true too.. I smile in my enemy’s camp and of course there’s little time to look back. 

I am ready to try to rest now and wipe the sweat from my brow..change the opinion of my depression and learn to turn it around.  Everything from the guilt to the shame, the hurt and the headaches, the name that was slapped that belonged to me.. there’s nothing worse than a bad association with pity and how much I did it to myself.. 

Only thing left is take everything I’ve felt, to take all that I’ve had, everyone else who went to the extreme to label me..and SMILE! Turn it into a money making opportunity and throw the wealth in a pile because my debt is now drama now freedom now displayed for all to see!

Because I’ve turned my frown into a smile and became everything that transformed into a NEW ME.


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