Official intro

Hi!! My name is Kamitria Ballard, also known as Kami B in my writing of poetry and short stories.  I am new to blogging but I want to share why I started. I believe that EVERYONE has a dream with purpose of why they were created. I’ve always wanted to learn more about why I’m here. What is my purpose? Now  I’m learning that it is to encourage and empowering others to do the very thing I’m doing here. My personal mission is to increase the potential of greatness inside of every person I come in contact with. With my faith based writings, I plan to share my life while focusing on getting people focused on sharing their stories. I encourage the transformation in each person who is willing to join me in that Mission of taking every negative event and turning it inside out to the best thing that could ever happen! We never know a person’s struggle and this blog may help someone in that journey to find themselves.

Best wishes and sincerely yours,

Kami B.


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